Towards October of last year we at BOA found ourselves searching for the perfect charitable cause for our quarterly donation of 2014. With the holiday season coming up we wanted our contribution to really affect others in a special way. We quickly found that our passion for giving back to the community was synonymous with UCLA Mattel children’s hospital.
UCLA Mattel Children’s hospital is rated among the nation’s top pediatric hospitals in the US. (

Not only do they have a gorgeous facility but also the staff within truly completes the perfect dynamic.

Initially we wrote an e-mail to head of department chair about donating, and were promptly advised that although we cannot participate in the physical giving of gifts (something we had hoped for) monetary donations would be used towards new medical instruments, new toys and products or funding for the children at Mattel’s to partake in more fulfilling events throughout the year. We automatically responded to the warmth demonstrated by staff at UCLA with every effort we could to raise for this cause. We donated 10% of every shipment booked from September to December and donated 1$ per face book fan BOA had earned.

When all was said and done we were invited to visit the beautiful facility and meet the staff we had spoken with throughout the months to make this possible. Upon arrival it was clear to see these nurses genuinely cared about their patients and the best for their hospital. The hard word and dedication exhibited on both ends was a massive success, with our final donation amount of $1,904. BOA feels privileged to have been a part of this contribution and truly appreciate all the work put in by both parties.

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