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At Boa Logistics, we strive to live by our core values. In fact, our first core value focuses on the importance of teamwork; we believe in the mantra, “we and us” over “I and me.” This philosophy applies to how we work with our customers and with each other. It’s been our mission to build a team with a thriving culture that fosters transparency and growth.

2014 Inc 500In 2014, Boa was ranked as #167 by Inc Magazine in the Inc 5000 an annual list that measures the growth of private companies in the United States. After achieving such a prestigious award, we knew that to continue our growth, we needed to develop a team of rockstars that would serve our growing customers. To do that, equipping our team with the right professional resources was a top priority. Thus, in 2015, we started our relationship with *Insperity*, a human resource solution that provides employee services and support.

Team Boa Logistics at charity eventOver the last handful of years, our relationship with Insperity has grown with our business. Not only do they help us streamline employee onboarding and provide sought-after employee benefits like excellent health care coverage, a 401K match, and more, they also serve as a platform to help our team grow. Whether it’s a workplace challenge or a need for professional development, Insperity is there to help support and guide Team Boa. And most recently, in the wake of COVID-19, Insperity helped us understand the issues of working from home and furloughing. Ultimately, we believe that a happy team leads to happy customers. magazine featuring BoaLooking back, we know that investing in an HR solution was the right decision. A partnership with Insperity saved us precious business resources. Since 2014, our growth curve continued as we consistently made the Inc 5000 5 years in a row.  Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we focused on supporting our customers while they focused on supporting our team. It just worked. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Insperity featured Boa Logistics in a recent Inc magazine article that showcases how we work together.


At Boa Logistics, we’re proud to say that we’re able to serve our team with the help of Insperity. With this powerful HR solution in our back pocket, we knew that our team can focus more on helping our customers. Behind the scenes, we’ve focused on growing our business to help you grow yours. We’re grateful to have true partners in logistics. Together, we move business forward.

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