What do we do as brokers when a client calls saying they need a dedicated trailer heading into Chicago, IL? We become DJ’s looking for the finest records at the best prices possible with minimum to no wear and tear. Of course the Vinyl I speak of would be the carriers chosen for the job. It’s one thing to find the carrier and get the shipment picked up, but it’s another ballgame getting it to it’s destination. Have you ever taken into consideration what is considered important when working with clients and carriers. We can think of a few. Communication, building trust, and being available to help.

When dealing with carriers and clients prior to pick up and when in transit we need to be able to communicate thoroughly at all times. This is especially important with our carriers, keep in mind who are our customers as well. As we all know things will happen. Truck mishaps, product not being ready, carrier falling off the load or client canceling the pick up.That’s just to name a few. Everyone involved is affected in one way or another.  When these events occur we cannot shy away from the situation. All parties involved must be on the same page to create damage control which leads us to building and developing trustful relationship.

It’s very obvious a strong trustworthy relationship is desired with our clients booking shipments. Have you ever considered the same for your carriers? Think about how many times you had a hot load booked and 1 hour before pick up someone bails on you. I’m sure we’ve all been there. Now picture a similar scenario and a carrier you have a standing relationship with coming in to save the day. Not only do you save your client, who at this point is in love with you, but you are going to give that driver more business. In turn you’ve gained an ally in the never ending battle of getting loads picked up from your shippers.  William Shakespeare teaches us to Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.

How do we gain that trust in the first place? In the words of Bill S. Preston Esq…”We must be excellent to each other.” Being there for both client and carrier when in need will set you apart from the rest. Making yourself available during the difficult times will help you build a bond that will keep you one step ahead of the competition in this game. We can all laugh and be overjoyed when things move smoothly, but how about during those bumpy situations. If a driver is delayed for an appointment don’t leave them hanging, call the receiver and see if they can be squeezed in. If a client urgently needs a shipment ask a carrier if they can accommodate the request. It may happen only once every 10 shipments, but it makes all the difference. So if you take anything from this build trust. How do you get there? Communication and being available when someone is need.

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