There are a lot of causes out there that matter. Every one of them have their special place and need in our society. Every now and then an organization from within that sphere sticks out and really calls to us. It might be that a lot of us are parents, or have experience with extended families and grandchildren, nephews, nieces etc but when a calling comes to help children who are terminally ill it hits you in the gut just a bit more.
The Pablove Foundation has a personal story in which two parents watched their son battle with cancer and lose to it. Pablo died at age 6, and with all the love from their community they were inspired to create a non-profit so that they could:
-Invest in underfunded, cutting-edge pediatric cancer research
-Inspire cancer families through education
-Improve the lives of Children living with cancer through the arts

In 6 years , True Pablove has raised nearly $600,000. Boa Logistics is proud to be a sponsor for their event True Pablove event this February 11,2017. If you would like to participate or donate please go to

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