How much are Americans projected to spend on flowers this Valentine’s Day?

$2 Billion on flowers alone, according to the Society of American Florists.

Since the United States produces fewer than 30 million roses, the demand for 200 million roses will be sourced from the global supply chain, and mostly from Bogota, Columbia. Just about all of these flowers all get from the fields in Latin America by air, and then by truck to their destinations in less than two days.

          Unloading flowers from a UPS plane in Miami

Flowers are particularly sensitive to changes in their immediate environment, so this freight needs to move quickly, and in temperature controlled equipment. With millions of flowers being moved, it is important for suppliers to have the right partners to get these to the end customer, especially on this particular holiday to celebrate a special someone.

Now that you know a bit of where these come from and what it takes to get to local store shelves, doesn’t this make that gift that much more special? We certainly believe so, and we wish everyone a very special Valentine’s Day!

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