In recent weeks, our country has experienced several disturbing events that have shaken our communities to the core.  With the ongoing uncertainty of a global pandemic, the circumstances around the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd have throttled us with anger and anxiety demanding change.  At Boa Logistics, we have found that we have a responsibility — to our customers, partners, employees, and the community at large — to share where we stand, and have always stood, during these charged times.

Naturally, as a business started by minorities, Boa Logistics supports civil rights and social justice.  We named our company “Boa,” a Brazilian word in Portuguese for “good.”  It has been our mission to provide good service to our customers, be good business partners with our carriers, and be good to our employees.  More so, this transcends our professional relationships.  We recognize the racial injustices that exist in our society, especially those experienced by distinct minorities.  And, at a time when energies have stirred the voices for positive change, we chose to pause, listen, and learn why these racial injustices exist, and find ways to support the progress of our communities.

The fight against systemic racism continues to be a long, necessary, potentially multi-generational, and yet worthy battle.  Prejudice against any person or group is a crime against us all.  Though long overdue, we recognize the shift around the world.  It inspires us to see allies stand up for this community because black lives do matter.

As a company, now more than ever, our mission to be good, to be Boa, flows through us.  Our team will continue to provide unparalleled customer service, believing we support the growth of small businesses around the country that have a direct impact in our communities.  We are proud to stand strong, together, as we make progress towards equality.  Boa moves us, moves America, and ideally moves forward towards a future that is good for all.

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