stock photo : Green Transportation. 3D Illustration of a fleet of delivery vans.Greener Fleet and higher delivery rates?

I sure think so. When I began my career in this industry I wore many hats. I would tamper with sales and whatever would be associated with operations. Things such as quoting,dispatching and quality assurance. As I continued to grow in this world of freight, with a lot of growth ahead of me, I became more focused. Quality assurance,tracking and tracing, make sure the freight is delivered on time and within reasonable transit time across the nation. As we all know things can happen that we can’t control and we have to be able to put our trust in the carriers to deliver our freight without any damage and on time. Let’s be honest, sometime we get a little nervous due to the fact that we don’t know the driver and the quality of the equipment being utilized.

I recently came across an article that spoke on a greener fleet. The first thing that came to my mind was cleaner fuel. As I read the article I couldn’t fully grasp the concept until they brought up tools, equipment and the technology. It came to my mind that greener doesn’t necessarily mean cleaner fuel. Sure it’s a part of it, but to me it means a more efficient way of delivering freight.
Let’s look at the GreenRoad Driver Improvement Loop. Managers can stay on top of their fleet because they are a given a historical analysis of data on the driver. With this alone safety ratings would improve. I driver is being surveyed while in transit, means no messing around and focusing on the task at hand, not that all drivers mess around. Its way to help increase the performance of the driver therefore increasing the chances of the carrier receiving more freight. Along with the historical data it provides immediate feedback. Fuel can be monitored and unsafe driving habits can be broken and improved upon.

This is just one of the options out there that carriers should look into. Sure it’ll be a change, but with a greener fleet they’ll be able to run a more efficient and more importantly trustworthy business. Things won’t be guaranteed just because you have “Greener” technology. You need the right people behind it. Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

Referenced from “Growing a Greener Fleet” by Maria Hoffman

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