When I was out of town I was thinking of what makes us different from other companies in this industry.

The truth is we offer the same options as the other competitors but separate ourselves based on our emerging company culture and the service we provide to our clients.

I want to share my thoughts on what I think will help mold our emerging company culture, and I came up with 4 senses that make working with BOA great:

1) Sense of Urgency– We get loads because we respond back faster and more efficient than other carriers/ brokers. In the recent weeks we have beat out Total Quality/ Echo Global/ CH Robinson out of volume loads. Our price was probably not drop dead better, actually it probably was higher, but our client needs a relationship where we are on top of their needs 100%. The time it takes to reply, book or dispatch makes all the difference at the end of the day. It all adds up.

2) Sense to go beyond what is expected– Sure we can always stay safe and do what is expected, but in those opportunities that you can take that extra step and look and offer a special option you may be surprised to find that you may have solved a problem…but not only that, most importantly strengthened the relationship between BOA and the client. WHENEVER you get the chance take that extra step, it always pays back exponentially.

3) Sense of Organization– Let’s face it…you cannot be disorganized for any area of Logistics. If your department or workflow is disorganized it would be very ironic that you work in a logistics company. If you don’t have a system to your work flow, make one. If you have been given a workflow for your work, see if you can improve on it.  Keep things neat, simple, stupid simple :)

don’t do this…

4) Sense of “Common Sense“- Ok, this sounds simple but can be hard for most people. With the complicated tariff’s, lane preferences, modes of transportation…etc. etc. etc. You can make things very difficult or make them hard. Please use common sense, and if the shipment or actions seem to deviate from common sense talk to someone and see if there can be a realistic and common sense resolution.

Please make sure to keep these in mind when selling, booking, tracing, claims or billing. Let’s do this!

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