Hi Everyone,


This has been a work in construction over the past year but we feel that this is the right time and right path for BOA to be on. Without making our ideas tangible and for what we stand for we will all be just reacting to situations. With our Core Values in place, actions from this vantage point will continue to progress our company culture. Thank you for everyone’s input. Whether or not you know it, you have contributed to this energy and this atmosphere. We thank you.


BOA’s Core Competencies … A Work in Progress, always 🙂


1)                      “We and Us” over “I and me” –  At Boa we try to think, speak, and write as a team. Things are always more powerful when we work as a group.

2)                      Solution focused and intently driven – At Boa, we focus on the solution and not the problem. Our intentions drive us to find resolution and keep a high level of communication.

3)                      Always Keep P.M.A – Positive Mental Attitude can help affect group energies and influence outcomes.

4)                      We see problems as opportunities– There is always something that can be learned in a crisis situation. It is also a time where one (or a group) can show their worth and steer a situation into something positive.

5)                      Always Believe in Silver Linings 🙂 – At Boa, we realize that nothing is perfect. Unforseen things happen that are out of our control. You have to believe that there is something positive that can come from every situation.

6)                      “Be Water my Friend” – Bruce Lee–  Click Here for ” Be Water my Friend ” – Bruce Lee Maybe Bruce can tell you himself  🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqHSbMR_udo

7)                      Take Accountability whether or not it is your fault – Passing the buck never helps a situation. The situation will have to be dealt with whether or not it is your fault. This must be done with a sense of urgency.

8)                      You can make our own luck –  When something needs to get finalized your actions can lead to completion. Harder we work, the luckier we get.

9)                      Always Show Respect– Doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with a part-time worker, or the CEO of a large company, every person deserves an equal amount of respect in all of their dealings.






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