Welcome 2012

A Memorable Year

As we finalized 2011, we reflect on the up’s and down’s, but mostly up’s in BOA’s second year of operation.  2011 will be remembered as a fruitful year in BOA’s history. We continue to build a better  service model for our customers, a new module for a fantastic internal corporate culture, there were new partnerships forged, and  we saved clients thousands of dollars, and these are only a few highlights.

As we begin 2012, it is important for us to remember the economy was in bad shape only a few years ago. It’s odd that 3 years pass by in a blur, but I guess as we all get older life speeds up. America’s economy was hit hard and the effects are evident since 2009. From the housing market crisis, unemployment rise, the Occupy protest…we saw alot of things happen during this recession. There were definite some positives: More people were shopping this Holiday season than ever (Did you not see the parking lots at the mall?), FEDEX reported a 40% increase in profits due to internet shopping, We withdrew our troops from Iraq, revolution in Islamic Dictatorship countries (I don’t know if this is good or bad, but this country started in this way)…etc.  We are not completely out of the woods yet, but it is important to celebrate today. The fact that we are here working together is a blessing in itself.

For some of you that may or may not know, Walter and myself decided to give it a go on our own when the economy tanked and we lost 40% of our business from corporate downsizing, chapter 11, bankruptcies…etc.  We asked a favor from my mother, to rent out my old bedroom for a small fee. Here we put 2 desks, 2 phones, and 2 computers and went to work. This was back in 2010. Having hindsight now, it was a fun and exciting time. I think we ate Top Ramen, Subway, and canned tuna that whole year 😉  We eventually outgrew my old bedroom  and got our first office in Culver City.

(Our first real office space)

The office was only 250 sq feet.  We were definitely on top of each other.  As we grew more in business, so did our staff. We ended up hiring 2 more people and starting our first sales staff.  Late in 2011 we moved to much larger office, one that accommodates more people. BOA grew a whopping 500% since 2011. Staggering, but true.

We are not the same company from a year ago; we expanded our suite of services, offered more personal service and consistently delivered results that are unrivaled by the largest and most sophisticated firms.  We understand that in order to survive and prosper, we need to change as our clients’ needs change. It’s about adaptability.

I’ve got a feeling about 2012. It’s gonna be a great year for us all. Thank you everyone for such a memorable year. Do me a favor and play this video at least one time, it will make you feel good:

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