Meredith Siler – Biography

My passion in life is connections, whether it is with nature, animals or people I have always been intrigued by giving and receiving positive energy and vibes. I believe in Karma and following my roots. I come from a very loving family who has always brought me happiness and support in all my decisions. My Papou (grandfather) worked 16 hour days for 55 years so that he was able to take his family (nine of us) on a cruise every year for Christmas. He devoted his life to his family and he was always proud of each and every one of us. It’s safe to say we are about two steps down from “My big Fat Greek Wedding”.
At a very young age I started my life in sports and throughout my school years I was involved in many activities such as Softball, Volley ball, Basketball, soccer, and BADMITTON. I enjoy a team atmosphere in my work also. I believe in a team you can conquer more than in an individual environment. In high school my team won State Badminton three years in a row and it was my five minutes of fame.
When I started my college carrier I had no idea what I was going to study. I wanted to be a veterinarian but didn’t have the patience for eight years of school. I did however work as a vet tech all throughout high school and college which was great experience and very rewarding. I volunteer at Animal shelters and I will always try to put my time into giving to the animals that are not taken care of the way they should be. Pets are an extended part of the family if you ask me. My dog Lars is one of my soul mates. I rescued him 10 years ago and we have been each other’s savior many times. He has opened my eyes to the big picture in life, taking responsibility, understanding unconditional love, and companionship.
After receiving my Associates Degree in Business Administration I was hired by a friend’s dad at a company called Storopack (producer of the small packaging peanuts in fragile packages). He was the Director of Transportation and I was his assistant I learned what LTL and TL meant and got to negotiate rates with carriers. After this position I got a position as a logistics coordinator at a company called Quebecor a printing company that was gigantic. We shipped over 300 thousand TL a year and it was here where I found my Leadership and Manager Skills. After 2 years as a Coordinator I was promoted to a Team Leader of the static team. I used all of our resources and was able to take origin/destination pairs and sell them to carriers on a weekly basis for a static rate year round. I saved Quebecor $150,000 the first year and that double after 3 years. Unfortunately Quebecor was bought out. I have worked in many different brokerage firms from big to small and have realized it doesn’t matter the size it is the people you are working for that makes the difference.
I have lived in Chicago my whole life and have had a wonderful experience in the windy city but…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….I’ve moved to LA where I found my new prize priority, BOA logistics. Three months ago I applied for a couple positions in LA and San Diego (my sister lives there) and was able to get an interview with BOA. At the interview I smiled from ear to ear because not only did they have Kona (Matt’s prize possession a beautiful Labor-doodle who was part of the team I was interviewing for) There was a lot of positive energy in my interview and as you can see it worked out for both parties.

I have only been with BOA for three weeks now and I have learned more in these three weeks than I have learned in my 8 years in transportation. Pazong has been an inspiration to me. She is completely dedicated to her job and she knows what she is doing. Matt and Walter have been very supportive and take such pride in their business it acts as a ripple effect on their employees, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service. All of my co-workers have great passion for many extracurricular activities and this to me shows a great deal of ownership. We all want to deliver the best customer service to our customers and to our owners.
Working with BOA is just the start to a great foundation. I look forward to being in contact with each and every one of you. Call us introduce yourself we are all very entertaining in our own way and would love the chance to service your account.

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