Do’s for Residential Shipping & Receiving

We know that shipping and receiving freight can be a tedious process, especially with Residential parameters but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a comprehensive guide for the do’s of residential shipping and receiving to make it easier:
***DO: For pickups from your residence always print two copies of the Bill of Lading; one copy for yourself and one for the driver. Often times drivers are on busy schedules and will not be able to wait for this to be printed and will not be able to accept electronic copies. (BOA will provide Bill of Lading for you once we have received complete shipment information)
***DO: Make sure the accuracy of your shipments weight and pallet or crate dimensions are correct on your Bill of Lading. A box or carton count is also paramount in the unfortunate event that there is claim filed upon delivery. IF A RECEIVER SIGNS FOR FREIGHT FREE AND CLEAR WITHOUT NOTATING DAMAGES OR LOSSES THEN THE CLAIM WILL BE DENIED. For Example the Bill of Lading should read something like this ” 48 cartons on 1 pallet , Widgets, NMFC12345 at 1200 lbs.” If the receiver sees there is damage to freight they must notate damages such as  ” 4 boxes crushed and damaged “.
***DO: When receiving a shipment always inspect your freight for any signs of damages. A signed delivery receipt without any noted shortages or visible damages often times may compromise ability to file a claim after delivery. The only exception would be concealed damages claims, which a carrier allows 15 calendar days to be claimed. If something is missing or damaged, make sure every piece is accounted for and write it on the delivery receipt. Make sure the accuracy of the paperwork aligns with what you are receiving. The driver will sign for the piece count or pallet count that is present compared to what was expected if need be. You will also sign the delivery receipt and always notate your name, date and time of day. Claims can be assisted by Boa logistics  and will be filed on your behalf.
***DO: Know what constitutes as damage. Damage can be the condition of the shrink wrap, if any boxes or crates are ripped, crushed, torn, water damage or any footprints on the packaging.
***DO: Check your phone calls and messages. Often times when carriers are delivering to a residence they will call a day, or couple hours before delivery to co-ordinate the most convenient time. If you have requested a notification prior to your delivery, carriers will not proceed to deliver until they have been able to speak with you and set a date and time. To expedite the process make sure you are readily available to speak to the carrier or call BOA and one of our representatives will be able to give you updated status at any time.
***DO: Always reach out to BOA or your third party logistics coordinators if you feel your shipment is delayed or need a better idea for a delivery window. Many residential areas are not equipped to handle larger trucks therefore we will relay any special instructions to the carrier to make sure things go smoothly upon delivery.



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