What is Golden week?

Golden Week is held annually on October 1 to celebrate the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and lasts 7 days. The week-long holiday was implemented in 2000 to make it possible for people to make long-distance family visits and to expand domestic tourism. Factories will close all week, so anticipate the effects of this to your business by planning ahead.

This picture taken on October 3, 2012 shows thousands of visitors at the Forbidden City in Beijing. The Forbidden City recorded over 182,000 tourists on October 2, the biggest number on a single day, as millions of visitors arrived in the capital city over the National Day “Golden Week” holidays. CHINA OUT AFP PHOTO. Image Source: Golden Week in China: Forbidden City – spiegel.de

Golden Week and the Supply Chain

As we get closer to October 1st, manufacturers are rushing to finish production and make shipments before Golden Week starts. Importers are pushing factories to complete scheduled production deadlines to meet demand. A week without product certainly results in lost sales.

The rush in production and shipments further constrains space available, which is already at peak capacity preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This drives up the price for all modes of freight transportation.

          Image Source: Port of Los Angeles

Preparing for Golden Week

For ocean cargo to make it on time for the winter holidays, the shipments need to be booked in advance, prior to Golden Week!

  • Ocean Shipments: Book 2-3 weeks before October 1st
  • Air Shipments: Book at least 1 week before October 1st

Keep in mind that rush services are likely overbooked, and has a chance to get rolled into the next shipment. Consider a different port of discharge, which may open up different options when choosing a sailing/steamship line. If the cargo in question is in a serious rush for delivery, air freight is an option, but a pricey one.

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