Holiday logistics is always a challenge, but it gets really interesting when a holiday falls in the middle of the week, in the middle of produce season. How is this different from a holiday that falls on a Friday or Monday?

Image source: MarketWatch

Truckers share the road with everyone else, so when there is a holiday rush in the middle of the week, the trucks are right there in the middle with them.

One would think a mid-week holiday would not cause any issues on the road… Who takes a one day vacation?

One day vacationers do exist. This isn’t the main point though. Getting creative to make the most of the holiday, there is a large enough population that take Monday and Tuesday off, along with the Wednesday holiday, creating a whopping 5 day weekend! Same math goes for those who opt for a Wednesday (holiday,) Thursday and Friday off.

Fewer Employees on Duty
Taking a 5 day weekend? Approved or not, this is a reality. Fewer people at the office or at the dock means slower responses, and a flood of work for those who did show up.

Have that coworker or employee that fell ill along with all his or her friends right before the holiday? That’s a good one.

Last Minute Rush
Need that freight at the destination before the holiday? So does everyone else!

For example, if this shipment would have delivered on a Wednesday during a normal transit time, this could be delayed to Thursday, maybe even Friday. Drivers are moving on the road, and hopefully the dispatchers took into consideration that they won’t be able to deliver on the holiday. Keep in mind that they’ve lost a day for deliveries, so plan ahead!

More Freight
Holidays typically bring an influx of freight for the products that are in demand for the festivities. Mother’s day and Valentine’s day calls for lots of flowers. Lent calls for seafood. Independence Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day calls for BBQ food essentials. Thanksgiving calls for turkey, etc.

The surge in sales requires the additional inventory that the retailers plan far ahead for, but the trucking still needs to be done closer to the holiday because the shelf life and production date requirements for food safety. (Image source: FCL Builders, Wal-Mart)

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