4       Anywhere you go it’s apparent that there is a huge amount of importance on getting fit but besides the obvious social pressures (i.e. Aesthetic reasons) there are hidden benefits we often overlook. There are many factors that can compel or discourage us from pursuing a healthy lifestyle but why as a business owner should you encourage exercise and healthy living?


There is no denying that there is a direct correlation between exercise and your health, physically and mentally. What we fail to realize is how much being active outside of the work place actually influences our demeanor and perceptions inside the work place. Working out has proven significant benefits in addition to your physical shape. Your work ethics, attitude and productivity are all heightened when you are keeping your body active consistently. Creating a wellness work culture is essential in long-term success and happiness or employees and peers.


Implementation of employee fitness and wellness programs such as gym memberships or physical enrichment programs are popping up around the nation and for good reason. Studies show that a healthier work force is also a more productive one. Physical activity reduces feelings of depression, improves stamina and strength, reduce obesity and cardiovascular disease as well as promoting a more positive outlook towards yourself and others. Because both BOA owners have been immersed in the martial arts realm for over 10 years a huge value has been put on BOA to empower our mental and physical health inside and outside of work.


Lasting motivation is something that we know doesn’t come easy but ultimately it’s about staying focused. We want to stay and be passionate about what we’re doing, create an open and creative environment and participate in each other’s lives positively by being the best versions of ourselves. By setting personalized goals and monitoring progress we can help keep up with the results from our commitment to working out. In the end a happier sense of self, leads to better customer service and integrity in the work place.


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