Height Does Matter,



Whoever said Height does not matter is lying. Every little inch counts so attempting to squeeze or tilt a PALLET is not an option. The pallet will either fit or not fit into the trailer. If pallets are being double stack or tall I highly recommend measuring them. I do not suggest using the squinting eye method as a measuring tool. A good ole measuring tape is the best. Taking the extra 5 minutes to do so can save a good amount of money. The consequences of misjudging the height can lead to a costly mistake. The potential outcome is accruing a truck order not use or a dry run fee that can range from a double to triple digit fee.

So keep in mind the following:

A standard trailer 53 or 48 ft. trailer is 102 inches tall and comes with either a roll up or a swing door. The difference is that a roll up door will cost a few inches of height clearance.

However if your pallets are taller there are high cube trailers that are 110 inches tall. Not every carrier has a high cube trailer so measure those pallets to meet the needs of your shipments.

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