New Year; New Goals

Ringing in the New Year comes with lots of champagne, fireworks and the colossal pressure for self-improvement. This year we’re making sure we can stick to our resolutions by making them solely based around projects were truly passionate about.
We’re kicking off the New Year with one of our goals to give back to our community as much as possible. In October through December of 2014 we were able to raise $1903.00 worth of donations going directly to UCLA MATTEL CHILDRENS HOSPITAL for new toys and better medical instruments/medications. (Visit them here!) Other things BOA is looking forward to in 2015 include: A completely revamped website, Quarterly donations to local Charities and organizations as well as donated time volunteering. We are also looking to add BOA office space improvements such as our upcoming work/play bar installation and Core Value mural for the lobby wall. Here’s to a terrific 2015 surrounded by success, abundance and the heart of our company: Our Clients and our Carriers ! We hope you can join us for the ride and make sure to follow our progress at:



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