A few weeks ago, part of our team started the Ketogenic Diet to reach some personal goals and did so as a team in order to support each other. Although this diet may not be for everybody, we support the choices being made with the goal of living a healthier lifestyle. This includes our colleagues and followers on other diet plans, exercise regimens and making personal choices that reach a greater good for an individual and/or others around us.

Let’s take a look at what our Keto Challenge participants were thinking when we first started!

What are the reasons/factors why you decided to get on the Keto Diet?

Matt:  Main goals are to cut weight, have better mental clarity and more energy in general

Jessica:  To eat healthier, gain energy and lose a little weight.

Dusty:  Matt approached me with the idea to try this out. I’m always up for a challenge, and I was not satisfied with the results of my current diet.

Robin:  Get to single digit Body Fat Percentage and ultimately compete in the Spartan Race.

Omar:  To lose stubborn fat, see if it really affects my energy positively in comparison to what we consider a regular healthy lifestyle and to be able to say I did Keto!

Name us some of the dishes you plan to eat!

Matt:  Double Double animal style protein style, Chipotle burrito bowls without carbs and sushi without the rice.

Jessica:  Cream cheese stuffed burgers with chipotle mayo – One of my favorites! Also, a mixture of avocados, yellow tomatoes, cucumbers, salt and lemon.

Dusty:  The plan is to go heavy on vegetables. I haven’t tried the seafood here in California, so I may try and get back into it. I also like cheese, so that’ll definitely be part of my meals.

Robin:  35% Protein: Fish / Bacon / Beef (w/ 20% fat) – 55% Vegetables: Cauliflower / Broccoli / Spinach / Kale / Asparagus – 10% Miscellaneous: Coffee / Almonds / Cashews etc.

Omar:  Keto pizza and more beef!

What are some expectations you have as you progress through the first month or two?

Matt:  Experienced the Keto flu, but stayed hydrated, so it was fine. I’m expecting to lose 10 lbs . or more by the end of the first 4 weeks. I feel almost no hunger, so it’s very interesting.

Jessica:  I got really hungry for the first couple weeks from the carbohydrate withdrawals. I’m mainly expecting my energy to pick up after a few weeks!

Dusty:  I have had high blood pressure since I was young, and I’m hoping that going Keto may help with this issue. It affects my sleep and overall daily energy levels, so I am looking forward to see if anything changes.

Robin:  Looking to have better focus, mental clarity and increased strength.

Omar:  It felt like I was starving late night before going to bed. The first week was tough to break old habits, all while watching everyone around me eat everything I want!

Do you think this is easier to do as a team? If so, how does the team help?

Matt:  It is always easier to do something with people. We keep each other accountable.

Jessica:  Yes, and it is nice to know you’re not going through the “keto struggle” alone!

Dusty:  Team work makes the dream work! It absolutely makes it easier doing this together. It’s great to toss ideas around and to see what others are experiencing.

Robin:  Yes, it keeps everyone accountable. Everyone can also help keep each other educated on Keto, sharing any helpful information and recipes.

Omar:  It helps a lot! Makes it almost feel like a pledge, and none of us want to be the person who jumped ship.

Any suggestions for our fellow team members? This is not a competition, it’s okay to share secrets!

Matt:  Use an app, such as My Fitness Pal. It makes it easier to stay on track. Jessica has a lot of cool recipes!

Jessica:  I use Pintrest for a lot of recipes. A lot of people have posted great ideas for sweets that are keto friendly.

Dusty:  I also believe using an app helps. I’m new to this, so I can’t give into any cravings!

Robin:  Discipline yourself not to eat after 8:00 PM! Cooking on Sunday for the whole week will stop you from going out to eat. Keto is a very low carbohydrate diet with a moderate intake of protein. Don’t fall into the trap of eating higher proteins and too many nuts. Protein will ultimately convert to sugar and build fat. To keep up with the required fat intake, add avocado oil, olive oil, and/or coconut oil to all of your meals!

Omar:  I’m new to this, so I don’t have any suggestions at this time except to fight all cravings for anything that isn’t Keto friendly.

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