5 methods to maintain a positive work attitude

The world of freight can be a demanding, stressful and emotional industry. Worrying about getting shipments picked up, delivered or beating the competition to get the bid gets to be trying. Maintaining a strong relationship when a situation has you against the wall with no where to go becomes a burden. It can all add up to negative emotions and putting the blame on others. Somethings are out of our control and we can forget that at times because we are so deep in the moment. However we are in control of how we can react to these certain situations, not only work related events but life in general.
Our attitude is essential to our well being. It not only affects us on a personal level, but others around us. Think back for a moment. Have you ever been in a situation when you were in a good mood and had to deal with a Debbie Downer, or negative person over the phone? How did you feel after? It probably didn’t bother you, but I’m sure it got to somebody. To those that run a business or are managers and supervisors; next time you are not in the greatest of moods, pay attention to how your team performs and the atmosphere of the room. A positive mood is beneficial for juggling; tasks or solving difficult problems.

Here are some strategies that can improve your work attitude during tough times:

Positive thinking Through self affirmations we can reprogram our subconscious towards positive thinking. Through words filled with positivity and charged with your personal beliefs, your feelings can and will manifest into action. It’s an exercise that should be done consistently and repeated throughout the day.

Visualization Visualizing will help you on the conscious and subconscious level to focus and enhance your skill set. Athletes are a perfect example of this. They visualize making the shot before even taking it. I recommend watching the below clip of Michael Jordan. He had flu like symptoms during the NBA Finals and still came out on top, he had to see it for it to happen.

Internal Dialogue What is the little voice inside your head saying? Take the time to listen to yourself in a difficult situation or when you are upset. What are you saying about yourself or others. It’s a seed that will eventually grow and can affect our future behavior. Next time you feel negative about an issue, pause and tell yourself something positive.

WOW (Watch our words) I came across this acronym, and it pretty much sums it up. What we say will be released into the universe and will eventually come to. When you’re in a crowded parking lot and say “I will get a good parking spot.” Next thing you know someone is backing out your future spot. It can be applied to how we talk about or judge others. Our words are very powerful and can be used to propel us to new levels. I’ve witnessed it on a personal level and adding your faith to it will only enhance your experience.

Laughter Find a reason to laugh. Our moods are lifted, a tense situation is relieved, the atmosphere is uplifted. Not only does it decrease stress, it provides a burst of exercise. According to researchers 10 minutes of rowing or 15 minutes on a stationary bike is equivalent to laughing 100 times. Take time during the day and read a funny comic or the cartoons from the New Yorker. I laughed to myself in the back all the time. It makes all the difference.

Keeping a positive attitude it not a difficult task. It’s just a matter of doing it and staying on top yourself through the process. Try at least one of these methods and see how can change you and those around you.



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