By Walter Lopes,

Exercising & keeping a healthy Work Routine

We all know how much concentration and hard work our jobs require from us nowadays. At BOA we always reference our days as the “Stock Market of Freight”, plenty of adrenaline. Therefore it’s crucial that we take care of our “engine” to balance it out everything else.
Exercising releases endorphins, which triggers a positive feeling in your body. Some specialists say that working out in the morning before going to work can be very beneficial.

Here are some other benefits of a regular exercise:

Stress relief
It helps reduce body fat
Ward off anxiety and depression
Boost immune system
Improve sleep
It strengthens your heart.
It increases energy levels.
It lowers blood pressure.
It improves muscle tone and strength

You might be thinking that you can wait until next month to start taking care of yourself. Why not start today and let us know how you feel one month from now. Good Luck!

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