I have been here at Boa for 9 weeks now and am a native Cali girl. I spend most of my free time with my 5-year-old son Samuel and my 13-year-old nephew Rodney. I love to take them to the beach, amusement parks, the zoo, circus, sports games, and so much more. I am currently working on completing my BSA.
Some fun facts about me are I turn into a tomato when I eat mango. The Boa team has seen it…. I have a shoe addiction more specifically heels are my weakness and I love tattoos. I am a HUGE HUGE Laker fan too.
I have worked in many different fields before I found my passion in Accounting. I have done Medical billing, retail, real estate, and logistics. I am not new to the logistics world. I have been raised around the trucking industry. My stepfather is a truck driver and the one who taught me how to drive….. No not in the Simi though. I have spent many days going to work with him as a child though. It was always fun to see the different locations that he deliver to and of course run up and down the flat bed or trailer depending on what he was driving.

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