There isn’t any way to restore the deleted Reddit account. In contrast to with Quora deletions, Reddit account deletion has no sophistication period: Once you delete your Reddit account, it can gone forever. That being said, you had better make sure that you really want to click site erase your Reddit account. It would be awfully hard to get it back should you be already bummed because you believe you can continue to use it on some other site. You’ll also want to make certain you’re dealing with an highly regarded website or service to aid in the removal process, as being a sites have been known to not really live up to their particular promises (such as the famous celebrity accounts).

How do you delete Reddit? The task is really easy – first, you will need to go to the end user settings of your account in order to find the option “profile” or “delete username. inches When you click “user settings” you will see a connection with a purple skull inside the center. Just click here to access your account information. You now will see two different options; you may either erase your account or perhaps unhide the username.

If you choose to delete your, you will see a webpage containing numerous choices; one of the most preferable choice is to choose the “profile” choice. On the “profile” page you will observe the option to either activate or deactivate your account. Clicking on the “activated” link will cause redditors to begin activities on your profile. Deactivation may cause all redditors to quit posting with your account. No matter which method you choose, you will see that you have successfully taken out your username from Reddit.

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